TAP – The Advert Platform


with over 7 years online marketing and 25 years offline marketing experience I can tell you what really makes money online and what does not.

I get pitched on multiple opportunities each and everyday. I do look at each one and have a check list that each opportunity has to pass.

97 % of them fail, however there is one that I could not ignore. This one came through a few years ago and having worked this business, I helped the company grow to of over 300,000 members !

The company is still growing, however in 2017 (january 3rd) will be transferring to a sister company called TheAdvertPlatform ( TAP ) with even MORE potential than anything you or I have ever seen before …

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Here some reasons :

  • Every Single person makes money, in fact it´s impossible not to make money. This equates to Zero Churn, as who’s going to quit then their making money. With other online businesses generally over 88 % quit within 3 months of starting.
  • You do have do something each day, click and view just 10 ads per day . (Seriously this takes around 10 minutes a day) . You can also buy holiday periods, so if for any reason you can’t view the ads you will still earn daily profit shares.

With TAP there are 12 actions per day including social media sharing, which offers huge value to advertisers ! Massive expanding market place online advertising is a multi-billion a year industry that is insatiable.

Unlimited earnings potential. I have already created a plan to make a big business, I have already done this before and this is much better, fantastic.


– Long term sustainable growth

– Top US Attorneys on board

– Fast daily payouts that are in house ewallet system. 10 Years established Payment processor GPN Data on board

– Great support System

– Top Worldwide Leaders are on board already ready to capitalise on this huge market

– Its free to join, this makes this a no brainer

– No sponsoring required to earn daily profit shares

– You get real highly targeted traffic to your website. (Majority are buyers that are proven to buy over & over again)

– Fast set up

– High converting professional lead capture pages

– Back office training system

Multiple Ways to earn:

Up to 1% earnings per day (compare that with a bank where you get 1% a year = no brainer).

If you do team build & sponsor (which I highly recommend then you earn 10% on purchases and repurchases over and over again. Repeat buyers = repeat commissions !

You earn and get traffic to your website = no brainer, every business wants more traffic & when they earn its all a bonus.

Compounding Effect (this is absolutely huge & which makes people truly rich). You can WIN money daily for free. €100 euros daily will be given away to each daily winner.

Forum to provide even more support for the membership.

Badge reward system. Free Games in the site.

Wheel Of Fortune, even more chances to WIN money DAILY.

Truly Unlimited Earnings Potential. With my direction there is no reason why you cant make 10K+ monthly or even more. Those with massive drive and focus can scale up .

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This is MASSIVE Guys. I will work with you ONE on ONE and show you step by step on what it takes to me a big EARNER online.


Take action now, get first movers reward, I guarantee that if you can click a mouse then you will make money. Join now and get in front of the masses that will be coming in over the following months.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this program guaranteed. This is the MOST exciting program I’ve ever seen. Add this is no fly by night company or opportunity, this company are set up for long term sustainable growth in a Multi Billion a year industry.

This gets my HIGHEST recommendation, sign up now ” The Advert Platform “ !

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose (its free to join)

Anything I can help you with then hit me up anytime. If your a serious player then get in touch with me immediately.

Keep being awesome

Be the best

– Thomas


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Future Advertising –> launched on 3 Jan. 2017 :   ” The Advert Platform

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